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Oklahoma Mesothelioma Lawyers tough Fight for their Victims


Black gold! Wildcatters converged on the state from miles around to profit from the black mineral-rich jelly like substance that gushed from the ground and threatened to make everyone rich. Residents of the state turned eagerly to them for a share of the profits, never dreaming that, one day, many mesothelioma victims would be turning to Oklahoma mesothelioma lawyers, begging them for some relief from the pain of dying.


oklahoma mesothelioma attorneys For many years, the oil boom enjoyed by Oklahoma, Texas, and other states brought a sense of wealth and prosperity to its citizens. It also brought dangerously high levels of asbestos exposure and many workers became mesothelioma victims and there is no known mesothelioma cure. Asbestos, which was used as an insulating, fire-resistant material, released deadly particles into the air. These particles, which were inhaled by workers or carried home to their families on clothing, cause malignant mesothelioma.

Oklahoma mesothelioma cases also resulted in workers who were exposed in shipyards or power plants. Because this material was popularly used for insulation, many construction workers were also placed at risk for pleural or peritoneal mesothelioma.


The risk of developing mesothelioma is strongly associated with asbestos exposure. Therefore, many people might think that it would be easy for these workers to file a lawsuit and receive some compensation for their pain, medical expenses, and even their deaths and funeral expenses. This, however, is not the case. Oklahoma law restricts people from filing lawsuits against corporations or companies for negligence that results in injury or death. This restriction is effective when the condition is diagnosed more than two years after exposure, or after a judge rules that the condition should have been diagnosed.

The problem with diagnosing most mesothelioma cases is that symptoms may not occur for more than ten to twenty years after asbestos exposure occurs. Additionally, initial mesothelioma symptoms are vague and difficult to pinpoint. Chest pain, coughing, and shortness of breath can be symptoms of a number of health problems, including heart failure, tuberculosis, emphysema, and other diseases. Unless a physician has reason to suspect this condition, mesothelioma cancer is a relatively rare disease, diagnosed only after other conditions that are more common have been eliminated as possibilities.

The lack of adequate representation for many Oklahoma mesothelioma lawyers and their mesothelioma victims is underscored by these startling statistics. Oklahoma ranks 31st in the number of persons diagnosed with mesothelioma. Oklahoma mesothelioma attorneys and their law firms, however, often advise victims to file for compensation in other states. This is because courts in the state are notorious for favoring the defendants in these cases, and, too frequently, mesothelioma disease victims die before verdicts are even issued! Furthermore, Oklahoma settlements in these cases are, according to many oklahoma mesothelioma lawyers, among the lowest in the nation. Another compelling point is that, despite the number of cases diagnosed each year, no Oklahoma cases have even been heard recently in the state’s Federal District courts!


Oklahoma mesothelioma lawyers continue to seek justice for their clients. A mesothelioma compensation for asbestos cancer is a uphill battle for most victims of mesothelioma injury. Unfortunately for the victims, however, the wheels of justice continue to turn slowly – much more slowly, in fact, than the progression of their cancers.

Studies focusing on mesothelioma patient survival rates how dismal results, with a mortality rate of almost 100%. There are exceptions if the cancer is diagnosed soon enough.

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