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Mesothelioma drained of energy and life

People with mesothelioma can become tired quickly and may feel drained of energy and life. As someone they trust, you can encourage them to do the things they love to do and to enjoy themselves as much as is possible. This may not be an easy task, but it will be greatly appreciated in the long run. Be aware that anxiety and depression are common in mesothelioma patients, so you can be supportive by listening to what your loved one has to say and sharing your own feelings.

When diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, it can be difficult to pay attention and remember all the details of mesothelioma doctor’s treatment instructions. You can help by attending doctor’s visits with your loved one and keeping a journal of the medical information given, such a medications, treatment options, etc. You can also make sure the doctor knows about all the symptoms and side effects your loved one is experiencing, as they may forget to mention them while at the office.

The cavities within the body encompassing the chest, abdomen, and heart are surround by a membrane of cells known as the mesothelium. Mesothelial cells assist in general organ functions. The mesothelium is particularly important to organs that are commonly in motion, such as expansion or contraction of the lungs, stomach, or heart. Lubrication from the mesothelial cells allows free range of motion within the body. The mesothelium of the chest, abdomen, and cardiac cavity are called the pleura, the peritoneum, and the pericardium, respectively. Each of these groupings of mesothelial cells are extremely critical to the functions of the body structures which they encompass.

Malignancies (cancerous tumors) occurring within the mesothelial membranes are known as malignant mesothelioma, or simply mesothelioma. Benign tumors of the mesothelium are known to occur, but are much rarer than the more common malignant cancer.

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The Help Of a Texas Mesothelioma Attorney

The lung cancer my uncle faced was a terrible shock. The shortness of breath and chest pain we blamed on walking pneumonia now had a much worse cause. It was a cause that couldn’t be cured by a good, strong round of antibiotics. He was sent off for a biopsy, which gave us even worse news. He had mesothelioma. This diagnosis was worse because it had less chance of survival than “traditional” lung cancer. We were mad, since this was something he had no blame in having developed. The doctor said it is often a result of exposure to asbestos dust, usually on the job. That’s when my uncle had to find a Texas Mesothelioma Attorney, since that’s where he’d worked and where most of the businesses still were. The suspected cause of his illness was asbestos dust. He was probably exposed when he worked in construction at industrial and commercial sites. I was told millions were exposed for over forty years doing exactly that time. But the idea that a lot of other people faced the same disease as took a toll on him didn’t make his deterioration any easier. Which job at what time, or even just a slow exposure over time from multiple employers, several of which could have been at fault – who do you blame? More importantly, who do you turn to for support for something like this? Our attorney was wonderful in that regard.

One of the problems is that the claims are so often denied up front. There was a rush of anyone with any kind of lung cancer or breathing problem to get treatment from the State funds for this disorder. That’s when we really needed the help of our Texas Mesothelioma attorney, to get the extra tests and repeat case filings until things were paid for. Our lives were focused on getting one more day, trying to get one more year. Unfortunately, due to backlog, these cases drag on for years and years now. We still need the services of his attorney, even after his passing, so as to collect death benefits for his children.

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Having Symptoms of Mesothelioma Cancer can claim you as a Victim.

Let Oklahoma City Mesothelioma Lawyers Help you Make Your Claim!



Have you been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer? If you can answer yes to this question, and you live in Oklahoma, turn to Oklahoma City mesothelioma lawyers to help you get a fair settlement on your claim.

Oklahoma City mesothelioma attorneys are experienced in handling these cases. This is because most of the people diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer in recent years live in or around Oklahoma City or Tulsa. Because they have encountered these situations frequently, they are experts in getting the best settlements for their clients.

Lung mesothelioma is a type of cancer that happens because people are exposed to asbestos. This exposure may be firsthand. People who worked in many types of industries, including shipbuilding, oil drilling, construction, mining, and those who worked in power plants were frequently exposed to asbestos through the mid-1970s.

Furthermore, even though laws were passed outlawing the use of this substance, some continued to use it for many more years. In fact, a mine in Libby, Montana shipped ore containing asbestos to 25 different locations, including Oklahoma City. Workers who received the ore were unknowingly exposed to asbestos.


Persons suffering from direct exposure to asbestos breathe in the dust containing small particles of this substance. The asbestos then becomes lodged in their lungs. Sometimes, lung mesothelioma results. They may experience symptoms, of lung problems, such as coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath, or coughing up small amounts of blood. Unfortunately, these symptoms may also be signs of other health problems, and doctors are less quick to immediately suspect cancer.

People may also experience secondhand exposure to asbestos. This fibrous material contains many tiny particles that, when heated or moved, break off and drift into the air. Workers’ clothing becomes contaminated, and they carry this dust home to their families. Anyone who encounters the clothing may develop pleural mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma has received a considerable amount of recent publicity. This is interesting, considering that the number of cases in each state is relatively small. Less than 100 persons in each state are diagnosed each year. Why, then, are Oklahoma City mesothelioma lawyers, as well as attorneys throughout the United States, focusing so intently on identifying people who might have a mesothelioma claim?

A bill is before the United States Congress. Designated as Statute 852, the Asbestos Trust Fund Bill is under serious consideration by the legislature. The problem with this bill is that it will limit compensation, and significantly reduce the number of people who are entitled to file claims. In addition, it requires that even people whose lawsuits currently are near resolution re-file and make the mesothelioma claim under this act. This will bog down the legal process so thoroughly that it will take years to settle even the cases currently pending in the courts.


Oklahoma City mesothelioma lawyers are working frantically to identify anyone exposed to asbestos that may have symptoms of this rare cancer. They are even encouraging people to file in other states to have their mesothelioma claims handled faster so that they receive their mesothelioma  settlement they deserve, not the pittance the government wants to pay!

Read how the help of a Texas Mesothelioma Attorney proved to be the best cource of action for this mesothelioma victim.

Studies focusing on mesothelioma survival rate show dismal results, with a mortality rate of almost 100%. Patients diagnosed with mesothelioma survive, on average, six months to two years. However, there are exceptions…