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If your a victim Consult Oklahoma City Mesothelioma Attorneys for your Settlement



Mesothelioma is a rare form of lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure. If you are living in Oklahoma; and are a mesothelioma victim, whose suffering from this dreadful disease, consult Oklahoma City mesothelioma attorneys for information about your rights to a mesothelioma settlement.


Although many people are diagnosed each year, only a few people have recently filed mesothelioma claims in Oklahoma courts to gain a settlement or compensation for their suffering. Of these three, little progress in their cases has been made since they were filed. Last year, Gertrude Lowe and Lia Rawlings both mesothelioma victims; filed claims stating that secondhand exposure to asbestos had caused them to develop lung cancer. Another mesothelioma victim, Randy Stone, died only five days after being diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer. His estate is left to carry on the battle against uncaring corporations that are determined to avoid justice.


Considerable evidence was available in the late 1800s that indicated asbestos caused many health problems, and suggested even that specific, often fatal, lung problems were involved. Despite this, manufacturers continued to use asbestos for insulation and as fireproof materials well into the 1980s. In some cases, such as the Libby, Montana mining incident, corporations subjected workers and even innocent townspeople to the risk of pleural mesothelioma secondary to asbestos exposure.


Is there really any benefit to seeking Oklahoma City mesothelioma lawyers? Do you wonder why these professionals would be more effective at handling your case than a hometown lawyer who knows the local court system well?

Oklahoma residents who hire lawyers skilled in handling mesothelioma lawsuits are more likely to have their case settled earlier and for larger sums of money. In addition, they are less likely to experience unnecessary delays and more likely to reach their mesothelioma settlement before the case goes to court. The reason for this is simple. Mesothelioma lawyers take these cases on a regular basis. In addition, they are more experienced at being able to discern whether a victim’s case is strong enough to successfully litigate.


Another benefit of using Oklahoma City mesothelioma lawyers is that they often try enough cases before the state’s highest courts to know how the judges will typically react. Furthermore, they have frequently encountered the same corporations during previous lawsuits. They can anticipate, and avoid, unnecessary delays.

Malignant mesothelioma usually develops decades after asbestos exposure. Because diagnosis is difficult, and symptoms are vague, and mimic symptoms of other health conditions, getting diagnosed accurately often takes years. Moreover, even though most cases of mesothelioma cancer are fatal, a few people have survived for many years after being diagnosed. Sometimes, a long period of time is required to make a diagnosis. In addition, mesothelioma victims usually have short life expectancies. These are often complicating factors in bringing a mesothelioma case against the company or person responsible.

If you or someone you know has reason to suspect that they may have mesothelioma symptoms and who may have a solid mesothelioma case, see a physician immediately and seek an accurate diagnosis. Oklahoma City mesothelioma attorneys will only be able to help you successfully make your case if you are able get an accurate diagnosis of your illness. Only then may your claim hopefully result in some sort of mesothelioma settlement.

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A Mesothelioma Patient has a Grim Prognosis if not treated as early as possible for best survival odds. However, those who have mesothelioma are at a disadvantage because of the time factor. In many cases, patients first diagnosed with mesothelioma actually had their exposures 20 to 50 years prior.

Let Oklahoma City Mesothelioma Lawyers Help you Make Your Claim!



Have you been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer? If you can answer yes to this question, and you live in Oklahoma, turn to Oklahoma City mesothelioma lawyers to help you get a fair settlement on your claim.

Oklahoma City mesothelioma attorneys are experienced in handling these cases. This is because most of the people diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer in recent years live in or around Oklahoma City or Tulsa. Because they have encountered these situations frequently, they are experts in getting the best settlements for their clients.

Lung mesothelioma is a type of cancer that happens because people are exposed to asbestos. This exposure may be firsthand. People who worked in many types of industries, including shipbuilding, oil drilling, construction, mining, and those who worked in power plants were frequently exposed to asbestos through the mid-1970s.

Furthermore, even though laws were passed outlawing the use of this substance, some continued to use it for many more years. In fact, a mine in Libby, Montana shipped ore containing asbestos to 25 different locations, including Oklahoma City. Workers who received the ore were unknowingly exposed to asbestos.


Persons suffering from direct exposure to asbestos breathe in the dust containing small particles of this substance. The asbestos then becomes lodged in their lungs. Sometimes, lung mesothelioma results. They may experience symptoms, of lung problems, such as coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath, or coughing up small amounts of blood. Unfortunately, these symptoms may also be signs of other health problems, and doctors are less quick to immediately suspect cancer.

People may also experience secondhand exposure to asbestos. This fibrous material contains many tiny particles that, when heated or moved, break off and drift into the air. Workers’ clothing becomes contaminated, and they carry this dust home to their families. Anyone who encounters the clothing may develop pleural mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma has received a considerable amount of recent publicity. This is interesting, considering that the number of cases in each state is relatively small. Less than 100 persons in each state are diagnosed each year. Why, then, are Oklahoma City mesothelioma lawyers, as well as attorneys throughout the United States, focusing so intently on identifying people who might have a mesothelioma claim?

A bill is before the United States Congress. Designated as Statute 852, the Asbestos Trust Fund Bill is under serious consideration by the legislature. The problem with this bill is that it will limit compensation, and significantly reduce the number of people who are entitled to file claims. In addition, it requires that even people whose lawsuits currently are near resolution re-file and make the mesothelioma claim under this act. This will bog down the legal process so thoroughly that it will take years to settle even the cases currently pending in the courts.


Oklahoma City mesothelioma lawyers are working frantically to identify anyone exposed to asbestos that may have symptoms of this rare cancer. They are even encouraging people to file in other states to have their mesothelioma claims handled faster so that they receive their mesothelioma  settlement they deserve, not the pittance the government wants to pay!

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Studies focusing on mesothelioma survival rate show dismal results, with a mortality rate of almost 100%. Patients diagnosed with mesothelioma survive, on average, six months to two years. However, there are exceptions…

Oklahoma Mesothelioma lawsuit Cases show Laws Protect Industry


Most cases of lung cancer are related to smoking, but some rare forms, such as mesothelioma cancer, have no connection to smoking. In most cases, including those originating in Oklahoma, mesothelioma is developed because of exposure to asbestos. It is usually, although not always, fatal.

oklahoma mesothelioma

Before the 1960s, asbestos was frequently used for insulation, manufacturing car parts, and in other construction materials. After a public outcry stemming from the deaths of many miners and citizens in an Australian town, governments throughout the world began to pass legislation banning the use of asbestos.

oklahoma city mesothelioma

Unfortunately, however, the damage had already been done, many years before legislators began to pass these laws. Asbestos is a material commonly used to protect workers and equipment in oil drilling sites because of its ability to prevent, slow the start, or impede the progress of fires. Most of the individuals working around oil wells or asbestos mines were exposed to dangerously high levels of asbestos which caused many people living in Oaklahoma to develope mesothelioma.

When these people returned home from work, their families were also exposed. Asbestos is a fibrous material, but it breaks down and the fibers hang in the air and attach to clothing or other materials. These fibers are breathed into the lungs, and become lodged in the small air sacs at the bottom of the lungs. They are also responsible for mesothelioma cancer.

Nearly one-fifth of Oklahoma’s economy is dependent upon the production of petroleum. Hundreds of thousands of workers and their families were placed at risk for malignant melanoma in Oaklahoma because of their exposure to asbestos. To protect the oil industry, Oklahoma government officials have chosen to pass laws that work against mesothelioma settlements and claims to which workers are entitled.

According to Oklahoma law, mesothelioma victims are only entitled to file a lawsuit if their cancer is diagnosed within two years of its development, or within two years of the time it should have been diagnosed. There are two major problems with this. First, mesothelioma side effects can take decades to develop; people do not develop it two years after exposure. Furthermore, diagnosing mesothelioma cancer can be very difficult, because mesolioma symptoms are vague and often lead doctors to diagnosis congestive heart failure, emphysema, or other lung problems instead.

In June 2007, Gertrude Lowe, an Oklahoma resident, filed a lawsuit claiming that she had been exposed to asbestos through the fibers attached to the clothing of her late husband and her father. As a result, she developed mesothelioma cancer. These men were enlisted in the United States Army. She filed the case in federal court. In this Oklahoma lawsuit, she also alleged that army personnel destroyed every record that might have indicated the men had been exposed to asbestos during their service. Her claim remains unsettled.

Lowe is not alone in her misery. Two Oklahoma mesothelioma lawsuits are currently pending in the state’s courts. The mesothelioma lawsuits have encountered multiple delays by companies unwilling to admit fault.  A Oklahoma city mesothelioma lawyer can drag these cases out for years. Other victims have died while the companies are given due process. In Oklahoma, mesothelioma lawsuits, appear to be on the side of the corporations, not innocent victims of this horrible disease who do not receive justice.

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Studies focusing on mesothelioma survival rate show dismal results, with a mortality rate of almost 100%. Patients diagnosed with mesothelioma survive, on average, six months to two years. However, there are exceptions which continue to give other mesothelioma patients and their families hope…