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The Help Of a Texas Mesothelioma Attorney

The lung cancer my uncle faced was a terrible shock. The shortness of breath and chest pain we blamed on walking pneumonia now had a much worse cause. It was a cause that couldn’t be cured by a good, strong round of antibiotics. He was sent off for a biopsy, which gave us even worse news. He had mesothelioma. This diagnosis was worse because it had less chance of survival than “traditional” lung cancer. We were mad, since this was something he had no blame in having developed. The doctor said it is often a result of exposure to asbestos dust, usually on the job. That’s when my uncle had to find a Texas Mesothelioma Attorney, since that’s where he’d worked and where most of the businesses still were. The suspected cause of his illness was asbestos dust. He was probably exposed when he worked in construction at industrial and commercial sites. I was told millions were exposed for over forty years doing exactly that time. But the idea that a lot of other people faced the same disease as took a toll on him didn’t make his deterioration any easier. Which job at what time, or even just a slow exposure over time from multiple employers, several of which could have been at fault – who do you blame? More importantly, who do you turn to for support for something like this? Our attorney was wonderful in that regard.

One of the problems is that the claims are so often denied up front. There was a rush of anyone with any kind of lung cancer or breathing problem to get treatment from the State funds for this disorder. That’s when we really needed the help of our Texas Mesothelioma attorney, to get the extra tests and repeat case filings until things were paid for. Our lives were focused on getting one more day, trying to get one more year. Unfortunately, due to backlog, these cases drag on for years and years now. We still need the services of his attorney, even after his passing, so as to collect death benefits for his children.

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